Mar 26

Providing "Lead Generation" through process, technology and culture

Highly qualified leads are all around you.  The problem is capturing and organizing in a systematic approach that helps you close them. Our sales and marketing process helps you find qualified leads and create the follow up required to turn them into customers! 

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Paul J. Van Erem , President
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 For our WIN for KC Women’s Triathlon event, designed a brand new website in very little time really helping us to raise the bar on this event. Until event day, race participants and potential participants use the website as a guide and tool, and essentially form their opinions and expectations for the race based off of the overall look and feel of the website.  Not only does it look great, edits are made easily without knowing special code to make changes or add new content.  - Ashley Broockerd, WIN for KC Assistant Director

Mission Statement

To help our clients achieve sustainable growth with a "process, technology and organizational coaching" approach to discover new and innovative ways to attract customers.


About Us

Simply stated - we want to level the playing field for small to mid-sized companies.  Marketing is NOT sales and sales in NOT marketing! However they can not survive without each other. streamlines the market process, generating more leads and creating a true sales culture within our clients.  Through the use of open source, SaaS or Cloud Computing applications your company can perform at a higher level of efficiency.  In turn, this makes your company grow stronger and faster. 
Lead Generation - It's What We Do

Revenue, profit, cost of sales...all depends on DEMAND GENERATION your product or service holds in the market.  For most industries, DEMAND GENERATION comes in the form of QUALIFIED leads. A sales department CAN NOT function without QUALIFIED leads.  In order to increase QUALIFIED leads, companies need to focus on lead generation activities that move you from cold calling to first advance.  That requires a blend of process and technology that gives your sales force the leverage to move the sale forward. works on four fundamental areas to help small to emerging companies create a sales and marketing process that generates leads and helps close deals. The four areas are:

  1. Content Management Websites featuring blogs and forums that bring prospects in.
  2. Customer Relationship Management Systems - CRM (Salesforce, SugarCRM and Vtiger are our specialities)  
  3. Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to distribute blogs and specials to generate leads
  4. Target List Management - Quality not quantity.